Chequers Massage

The largest massage salon in Sydney CBD to deliver royal experience, high standard service, luxury rooms, the most relaxing massage time.


We have spa treatment, shoulder & feet massage, steam & sauna, therapeutic & shiatsu massage and special Swedish massage. Masseuses are experienced and pretty to offer you the most comfortable, passionate service. Check more service when you are in, as you may like our premium special oil massage.


Fully modern renovated rooms are available for you to choose. No matter you prefer hot or cold spa, steam room or sauna, we prepared everything for you. Our lounging area always welcome you to visit after your session. We have luxurious lunge chairs and reading materials there for you. You may find out that our place is so comfortable and you don’t want to leave. That is our honour!



TELEPHONE: (02) 9529 5274 / (02) 9212 5152


ADDRESS: 79 Goulburn St, Sydney, New South Wales



Title :
Chequers Spa & Sauna
Classification Type :
Massage Parlours
Address :
79 Goulburn St, Sydney, New South Wales
Phone :
02 9529 5274
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