645 Blakehurst


645 Blakehurst        

Rear 645 Princes Highway, Blakehurst (Level 1)

Phone (02) 9546 8642
Mobile:  0458 065 822


Welcome to 645 Blakehurst where we take pride in our approved venue and the services we offer; where we honour our bookings and special requests and fulfil our advertising; where our seductive consorts, hailing from all parts of the orient and beyond, are experienced and waiting.


A long and sumptuous hallway leads to waiting rooms where you can meet and greet your chosen ladies privately.  Beyond this you see a glimpse of the five doors behind which a world of sensual pleasure awaits; where you can indulge in the full services offered. Each room has its own internal shower and we are fully air-conditioned.

Need a deeper experience? Why not invite one or two of our talented and stunning consorts to retire with you to our exclusive suite to indulge in a spa.  Our ladies, selected by yourself to meet your preferences, are willing and supremely able to indulge in your desires and expectations.  Let their fingers tease, their lips trace a path of delight and their bodies, made for pleasure, slide down to provide the ultimate ending.

There is a variety of parking available or we are just 10 minutes from Hurstville by bus – jump on the 970 or 971 bus and alight at the Blakehurst shops – we are opposite the oval/park.  Please come and visit - introduce yourself to us and the enchantresses who await the opportunity to fulfill your desires.  
Our friendly management and stunning consorts are here to ensure that YOUR enjoyment; YOUR satisfaction is fulfilled and you leave thinking of your return visit.


**see our website for rosters & ladies information

We offer a variety of payment options including credit & debit card, eftpos or paypal


Full Service

30 min………………………..$ 95
45 min………………………..$130
60 min………………………..$160




Monday to Thursday - midday till 12 midnight
Friday                      - midday till  3 am
Saturday                 - 11 am   till  3 am
Sunday                   - 11 am   till 12 midnight




Title :
645 Blakehurst
Classification Type :
Adult Services
Address :
645 Princes Highway, Blakehurst NSW
Phone :
02 9546 8642
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