Aria Massage


New Chinese, Japanese and Korean university students aged 18 to 20. Special between 10am and 7pm on SATURDAY and SUNDAY. Only $30 for the first 30 min. Thanks for your support. Welcome to Aria Massage.

Aria Massage Haymarket Sydney

Welcome to Aria Massage! Our new 18 to 20 years, China, Japan and Korea and Vietnam. Beautiful and lovely young female college students. Welcome to try. In order to thank you for your support. Special between 10 am - 7 PM with half an hour only $30. The body relaxed and push oil massage. Welcome to try?

Best CBD relaxation Asian massage, including Chinese massage, Japanese massage and Thai Massage, from top class masseuse at the heart of CBD, Sydney, under new management best selection of young masseuse to relieve your tension and disolve your stress, come and see us, you won't regret! 

Address: level 1/647 - 649 George Street Haymarket Sydney CBD
PH: 0450 254 452 or 8964 3509 Sydney.

5 visits will get the $5 cash back

Outcall available!

"Darling, please call me at any time if the door is locked"

Title :
Aria Massage
Classification Type :
Massage Parlours
Address :
647 - 649 George Street Haymarket
Phone :
0450 254 452
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