Sweet Peach Riverwood Massage

Welcome to Sweet Peach Riverwood Massage.

Sweet Peach Riverwood Massage is located in 265A Belmore Road, Riverwood.

Our team has received professional, licensed, training and can provide a wide variety of services including massage(back rub, foot rub) and all aspects of massage-therapy such as Swedish, deep tissue, integrated massage therapy, reflexology, sports massage to achieve relaxation, pain relief and athletic performance.


Our store is comfortable with separate rooms available. A quiet environment, accompanied by soft music and comfortable massage tables helps your tension melt away. Our services let both your body and mind relax and enjoy the beautiful journey.

We can help you feel better physically and mentally. Massages shouldn’t be a luxury, but a regular routine to help you lead a healthy, stress-free lifestyle. What ever your need, we can cater to you.

Make health and wellness a part of your life!


Our licensed massage therapists, located in 265A Belmore Road, Riverwood. We work seven days a week, from 10:00AM to 11:00 PM. Walk-ins welcome,

Contact us by phone: 0420827883

Remedial Massage Session 

💛30mins $40

💛45mins $50

💛60mins $60

💛90mins $100

💛120mins $120

Double Massage Session 

💛30mins $75

💛45mins $100

💛60mins $120

💛90mins $200

Title :
Sweet Peach Riverwood Massage
Classification Type :
Massage Parlours
Address :
265A Belmore Road, Riverwood
Phone :
0420 827 883
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